Digital Transformation at Connect-Us Conference

Digital Transformation at Connect-Us Conference

The Connect-Us Conference moved into its second phase. This time the Connect-Us Conference focusing on 'digital transformation - opportunities and challenges' took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 60 researchers and observers participated in the second Connect-Us Conference organised by the Swiss-ASEAN Learning and Teaching Association and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


Prior to the Conference, the Swiss-ASEAN Learning and Teaching Association meet for the third Annual General Assembly Meeting at Razak School Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. During the meeting, the association agreed upon the budget for 2020, approved the SALT report 2016 - 2019 and elected the members for the board of management. The board of management continues with the same representatives for the coming period. SALT further expressed gratitude towards all members and volunteer contributing to the success of the association.


Represenatives of San Beda University, FHNW School of Business and UTM Razak School during  Annual General Assembly Meeting of the Swiss-ASEAN Learning and Teaching Association.


The second Connect-Us Conference opened with the keynote speech of Prof. Dr. Rolf Dornberger, Head of Institute of Information Systems FHNW School of Business, about the history and development of robots and offered insights into the robotics industry such as the use of artificial intelligence. Many companies especially in Asia invest in the development of robots for the end consumer.


Chairman of SALT, Prof. Dr. Rolf Schaeren, with keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Rolf Dornberger, and UTM officials after the first keynote speech.


The speech was followed by an insightful panel discussion addressing the topic 'Technology and Innovation - Accelerating Development Sophistication of Business Model'. The panel consisted of representatives from academia and industry:


  1. Mr. Ammar Roslizar, CEO ARBA Travel

  2. Mr. Mohd Wardi Bin Hilmi, Founder of Indeepreneur

  3. Ir. Dr. Ahmad Nizar, Vice-President of The eCEOs Sdn Bhd

  4. Mr. Manfred Rist, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

  5. Ir. Fauzan Baharudin, Petronas Group

The panelists shared their views on how new techologies affect the business model of their respective organisation. An interesting case is the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, an old and well-known newspaper from Switzerland. Mr. Rist talked about the impact of digitalisation and how the newspaper needs to adjust their business model in order to remain competitive in the age of digitalisation.


Overall, twenty researchers presented their full papers and extended abstracts at the conference. The topics ranged from how digitalisation creates new jobs to how children can playfully learn about robots or the study of the level of e-readiness at a university in the Philippines. The conference was organised in four sessions: 1. Education, 2. Social Media and Innovation, 3. Effects on Economy and Society, 4. Education and Business Applications. All presented papers are published as ISBN indexed E-Proceedings on the conference website.


The second day of the Connect-Us Conference aimed at bringing the Malaysian culture closer to the participants. Participants were given the opportunity to participate in a painting workshop where they could colour batik by themselves. Furthermore, participants visited the Craft Museum to learn more about the traditional clothing of the Malay. The workshop was followed by the visit to the PETRONAS Digital Collaboration Centerlocated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in the Petronas Twin Towers


Participants of the second Connect-Us Conference during the company visit at Petronas Digital Collaboration Center.


The third Connect-Us Conference will be organised in 2021 hosted by San Beda University, Philippines.


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