SEA Coopetition 2021

SEA Coopetition 2021

SEA Coopetition 2021

SEA Coopetition 2021 is a cross-cultural transdisciplinary programme utilizing social entrepreneurship as means towards economic progress.

General information


The Social Entrepreneurship Acceleration (SEA) Coopetition 2021 is a cross-cultural transdisciplinary programme utilizing social entrepreneurship as means towards economic progress. It provides structured opportunities for students all over the world to converge, interact and conduct on-site research through their analytical and critical thinking skills as basis for development of real-time business plans. The programme seeks to provide off-campus cross-cultural experiences that will enable participants to advance in the application of research-based strategies, theories and principles. Further, it aims to promote transformative education through inter-cultural exposures.




Students will...


  • Understand the significance of education for the attainment of the
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn about social entrepreneurship
  • Refine and develop innovative business ideas
  • Create and validate social innovative business models
  • Make positive impacts to the society



Stage 1


Students are invited to submit their project idea including the Business Concept and Stakeholder Analysis by May 10, 2021.

Students will be invited for an online interview. If the project is chosen, a facilitator will be assigned to support the student’s project. The results of the project selection will be announced by June 15, 2021.

Additional one to three international students will be assigned to work in team for stage 2. The Team kick-off meeting is organised in June 2021.


Stage 2


All selected teams are required to participate in the virtual Bootcamp from July 15 - 23, 2021 on Zoom platform.


Programme Schedule


 Day 1  SEED Opening
 Day 2  Workshop and Business Ideas Generation
 Day 3  Virtual Region Visit
 Day 4  Business Opportunities Recognition
 Day 5  Business Model Creation
 Day 6  Business Model Hypotheses
 Day 7  Business Model Validation
 Day 8  Business Model Finalization
 Day 9  Final Presentation and Virtual Closing Ceremony


The teams will finalize their business concept presentation which includes:

  • A 100-word business description
  • A 5-minute documentary video about the project
  • Proof of social support


Each team has a 20-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A session. If a team has proven a sound business model, the winning team(s) will receive an award of 200 CHF.


The winning team(s) is/are given the chance to enter stage 3 to work on their business plan(s) and present it in November 2021.


All students will receive a Certificate of Participation after completing the virtual bootcamp from the SALT Association.



Stage 3


The team(s) who decide to enter stage 3 is/are scheduled to present their business plan(s) on November 29, 2021 in Manila, the Philippines physically or virtually.


Each team has a 10-minute public pitch and 10-minute Q&A session in front of grand public. A chosen team will get the angle funding of 1,000 CHF.


Project Submission


The submission link will open in April 2021.                                                  



Exchange Programme

SALT member institutions encourage and promote cooperation in the following priority areas:

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International Business Management Seminar Week

Part of the preparatory seminars for the international student projects is an intensive seminar week the “International Business Management" Seminar Week which is built for international students and experts. The focus of the programme is intercultural management and business. International students may choose their preferred topics from any of the four seminar themes.

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Swiss–ASEAN SMEs Linkages

Academic and Practice Linkages - Knowledge Creation and Exchange

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